Home audio and video installations – movies, music and media

Home Theatre Media Rooms ImageIf you’re anything like us, you love your music and can’t imagine going a day without listening to it. It doesn’t matter if you like Mozart or Megadeth (or both!) we can get a system that suits your home, your budget and will sound amazing no matter what album or song you’re listening to.

Speaker / Audio System Installation
Positioned, mounted and ready to go

When you lie back, close your eyes and can hear every clink, pop, breathe or cheer from the crowd it brings you back to what music is really about – connection. To connect with music we need to listen to it like the musicians you love intended. Amazing clarity of sound, the ability to customise your bass, treble and other sound options means you get the best sound every time. Talk to us today about our Speaker / Audio System Installation.

Home Theatre & Media Rooms
Lights, Camera, Action – without leaving the house

With 4K televisions, Blu Ray and Ultra HD and streaming services it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to set up media rooms and home theatres to enjoy the movie-going experience from the comfort of their own home.

No more waiting in line or spending $20 on a drink and popcorn. Now you can fire up the microwave and grab a cold drink and watch whatever movie or TV show whenever you like. And the best part is (besides all the money you will save by watching movies at home), there’s no one to tell you to be quiet or get your feet off the seats!

TV Wall Mounting
Sleek, modern and convenient

If you have a flat screen TV, you can mount it to a wall. There are many benefits to having your TV wall mounted:-

  • It looks amazing
  • Flat screens are meant to be mounted
  • You add space to your home
  • Mounting a TV helps to prevent neck and eye strain
  • Safer if you have small children or boisterous pets
  • Everyone can see no matter where they sit!

Our wall mounting services can have your TV mounted on your wall in the right spot with the correct brackets in no time at all. Contact us today to get your TV wall mounted.

TV Delivery & Installation
No hassle, just pure entertainment

We get it. You’re a busy professional and have neither the time nor the inclination to research, find, buy and install a TV and sound system for your home. Your time is better spent getting the job done, right? We can supply and install a wide range of TV and sound systems and after a quick phone call to find out your requirements we can suggest a range of products that suit your taste, budget and requirements.

Custom Audio Visual Design & Installation
You imagine it – we bring it to life

When customers talk to us, sometimes they think they have crazy ideas, but when we tell them what’s possible, they’re often surprised to find out that we can do what they want, easily and effectively! Want to have inset speakers throughout your home that also pipe music to your outdoor area? No problems. Want a fully customised theatre room? We can do that for you. Talk to us today.

Projectors & Screens
Enjoy the big screen experience without leaving home

Go big or go home, right? Now you can do both. Our range of projectors and screens will have your favourite movie up and running in high quality vision and sound like you’ve never seen before. Home movie night will never be the same again. Enjoy your favourite movies with friends and family members on the big screen from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re a movie buff, love music and want the best in sight, sound and setup talk to us today about our audio / video installation services.