Far away from Silicon Valley, California, you and I only shake our heads occasionally in amusement or amazement when we hear of corporate battles between the tech giants – Google, Apple and Amazon – and multiples of billions of dollars invested, earned or lost.

But if we’re contemplating spending our hard-earned money on a new build or a home renovation project, although we’re not talking expense on that scale, what the ‘Big 3’ are up to assumes personal importance. So, what do you need to know?

Try a Smart Home conversion!

At Premier AV Installs, we fully understand that you’ve invested more than money into your home, and you love the space you live in. But now you’re ready to bring it up to date, technologically speaking, because you’ve seen what can be achieved to make your day (and chores) easier and quicker.

Fortunately, it’s not only new builds that can include future proofing – there are plenty of ways to update and convert your home into a Smart Home.

Each year, more Australian home owners are taking advantage of smart home technology.

Smart speakers like Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomePod have introduced us to a world of potential in connectivity and automation.

Despite ongoing concerns around privacy and cyber security, the benefits of smart tech – increased energy efficiency, more time for family, greater home security, and even healthcare and management – are generating increased demand.