Try a Smart Home conversion!

At Premier AV Installs, we fully understand that you’ve invested more than money into your home, and you love the space you live in. But now you’re ready to bring it up to date, technologically speaking, because you’ve seen what can be achieved to make your day (and chores) easier and quicker.

Fortunately, it’s not only new builds that can include future proofing – there are plenty of ways to update and convert your home into a Smart Home.

1. Can you beat those power bills?

Although you will have a capital investment, the potential to streamline your home’s running costs into the future makes this worthy of serious consideration. Electricity costs continue to spiral, and the solar industry continues to evolve, sometimes at the expense of the consumer. Enter Smart Home technology to monitor your power usage and optimise loading to give you the cheapest possible option. Although this upgrade is less ‘fun’ and more ‘fundamental’, come and talk to us if this is something you’d like to explore.

2. Picture Perfect?

There’s few things more relaxing than down time with friends and family, chilling over a meal and maybe a movie. And few things more frustrating than tech ‘fails’ halfway through the movie, or even getting the movie downloaded in the first place. Managing that digital signal can be troublesome, especially when you’re updating monitors, adding new outlets,  or even converting a room into a home theatre with projection and wall screen. Perhaps it’s just time for some maintenance of your antenna and digital services. Whatever your situation, it does always pay to call on the experts to trouble-shoot your systems and deliver a perfect picture every time.

3. Cutting down chore time

Does time-saving and chore minimisation appeal to you the most? Perhaps using Smart Home technology to cut down those housework jobs that just never go away is a high priority. Think managing the grocery list - grocery shopping – cooking routine for starters. Choose kltchen appliances that can be linked together in your home network to help. Then start with online recipe planning, follow this with online grocery ordering and choose delivery to your door. It’s that easy. We can help with the automation system and network which manages all these functions

4. Help! Too many systems!

Even without major infrastructure changes, your home might already include updated technology such as Hue lighting, or a similar plug ‘n play system, air conditioning with temperature and movement sensors, a security intercom and an audio-visual system for your music and entertainment. All these wonderful innovations come with their own controllers, and who knows they all work differently! It takes major effort to run each system and understand the differences between each remote – luckily, we have your solution – a single controller that is simple to program and use – and you can cheerfully hide those remotes in a ‘safe place’.

The great thing about updating your home with smart technology is that you can take it one step at a time. Premier AV Installs is ready to help with any aspect, or even just to talk through the possibilities for your situation.

If you want to know more, or just need some advice on smart tech for your home or business, give Brendan, Leaha and the team a call on 4927 4037 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.