Commercial AV Installations for Business


DSC 2415 aEvery person in business wants to give the best they can. To get that contract, to sign up that customer or seal the deal. We all want it and with the right tools you can have it. We give businesses the opportunity to not only tell customers about their solutions, but show them.

No more boring board rooms

Don’t put up with drab, boring meetings anymore. With the right tools, presentation and showmanship, magic can happen – and that’s when the real business gets done. We offer smartboards, projectors and screen installations along with audio so your next presentation makes a big impact.

Display at the touch of a button

When Premier AV Installs an audio video solution for commercial customers we also make sure the technology driving it is super easy to use and won’t let you down at the crucial moment. We supply and stock high quality AV equipment products that are built to work, built to last and best of all, built to win.

Captivate your audience, then seal the deal

In business we try to use every tool available to gain advantage over our competition. With a professional AV installation in your business you can show video, audio, graphical information, have smart screens at your front desk – the options are almost limitless. Talk to us today about our AV solutions for business and win that next contract.

““Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.”  
Bill Gates

Attention Grabbing

Grab your customers attention the minute they walk into your business.


Make sure your clients hear, see and feel your latest innovations.


We stock and supply quality AV products so you can spend more time making customers

Some of our Commercial AV installation services for Business

Audio and Video Conferencing
Get in touch with customers, partners, associates or staff, in real time, anywhere in the world with our video and audio conferencing solutions.

Wireless connections and collaboration
Being able to collaborate intuitively and easily is the backbone of any business. Make sure your staff can work together when it’s really needed. We can supply devices or can assist with wireless connections and collaborations with BYO devices.

Make a real impact with your next presentation with our range of high quality projectors that can be installed in-ceiling. High quality displays with crisp colours and clean lines.

Integrated AV systems
Integrate AV systems across entire workplaces or buildings with our integrated solutions. Our systems work in harmony with your building and software so that it becomes streamlined as an integrated part of your business. This is information display at it’s finest.

Talk to Premier AV Installs today about your AV and technology requirements. Call (07) 4927 4037 or mobile 0400 709 636 or contact us.