AV Installations for Schools and Universities


Education 01Every student – young or old, deserves the chance to learn. And teachers with the right tools at their fingertips can make life-long impacts on students’ lives. We want to foster teachers and students alike to prosper in the classroom with the help of advances in technology and information display.

Cutting edge classrooms = superb students

When teachers have the right information and tools at their fingertips, magic can happen. Classrooms are brought to life with our range of smartboard and projection solutions giving students the opportunity to see, hear and absorb information like never before.

Information at your fingertips

Imagine enabling students to see information in a new way? Fostering enquiry, questions and the searching for answers. Textbooks will always have a place in learning, but interactive displays, smartboards and digital devices give teachers and students an incredible level of interactivity you just can’t get with paper.

Enhanced learning experiences

By bringing effective technology into the classroom teaching has a level of interactivity and collaboration that wasn’t possible only a few decades ago. Student-teacher and student-student collaboration can be increased and overall participation can be expanded.

“The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity." 
Robert Brault

Effective & efficient communication

Here at Premier AV Installs we believe technology should be seamlessly integrated into the education space. It should be as simple as opening a book or turning on a television. Effective learning is what establishes the pathways of our next generation of leaders, learners and educators. Smart, effective integration of technology in schools is just one way of giving students the best classroom environment possible.
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Smart AV solutions for schools and universities mean more smart classrooms.


Easy and intuitive to use, amazing to see – our AV solutions give almost unlimited options.


Your lessons will never be the same again with our range of interactive classroom solutions.

Some of our AV Installation services for Education

Pinch and swipe, touch and write with ease with our range of Smart Boards. Smart Boards open the horizon for effective, interactive and collaborative lessons within your school.

Interactive Projectors
Enable teaching in a fun, interactive and collaborative way. Swipe and touch, tap and slide with the students and their BYOD devices for a collaborative and innovative classroom environment.

Give students the ability to see what you’ve written, from any angle, from any spot in the room with effective and clever whiteboard technology. Combined smart whiteboard and software enable teachers to push notes written on the board to students digital devices. Smart, effective and endless in it’s possibilities.

School PA Systems
Sports days, swimming carnivals, fetes and concerts all need quality sound so your messages are heard by parents, students and participants loud and clear. We provide solutions ranging from portable PAs through to full PA systems throughout the school.

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