Are you looking for a reputable supplier and installer of VAST Satellite TV products in Central Queensland? Well… You’ve found the right place! Based from our Rockhampton showroom, Premier AV Installs is 100% local. Visit us face to face or call us for a full range of VAST Satellite TV related products and installation services. From our shop, local to Rockhampton, Premier AV Installs supplies and installs a full range of VAST Satellite related products. From satellite dishes, satellite dish mounts, satellite finders, VAST decoders, VAST set top boxes, LNB (single, dual and quadruple), satellite rated RG6 Coaxial cable, connectors and wall outlets. Whether you are looking to DIY or you need a full onsite installation service, Premier AV Installs has the products and expertise to help you out.

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 VAST FAQ (Frequently asked Questions):

What is VAST?

VAST is an acronym for View Access Satellite Television (VAST) and was created and supported by the Australian Government. Supplied by the Optus C1 Satellite, VAST is a service the allows all Australian people to access to free TV channels over the satellite.

Am I Eligible for VAST?

If you haven’t done so already, head to and add your address into the search bar. Press the ‘get info’ button and the tool will tell you what kind of free to air TV signal is available in your area. Generally, if there is no normal terrestrial (ground based) transmitter available in your area and/or you cannot receive reliable TV signal using a standard terrestrial TV Antenna then you will be eligible for the VAST Satellite free to air system.

Who normally needs access to VAST Services?

To have any chance of receiving the free to air (FTA) TV Channels, most Australians that do not live within the reaches of a normal terrestrial TV Transmitter will need access to the VAST Satellite system. This can include but is not limited to: cattle stations, farms, rural towns, remote communities, mine camps and mine sites, caravaners and travellers. Basically, anyone that is not near a major town or city that wants to be able to watch reliable FTA TV will normally need to install or setup the VAST satellite TV system.

What is the cost of VAST?

It is best to contact us as this can vary, depending on where you live and what is involved. Call us on 07 4927 4037 or 0400 709 636. It costs nothing to have a chat, and we can usually give you a good idea of how much it is going to cost you over the phone.

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Does the Australian government subsidise VAST satellite TV installations?

No, the Australian government has not provided any payments or subsidies in relation to VAST Satellite TV Installations for several years now.

Are there any on-going costs involved with the VAST Satellite System?

No, you only need to pay for the initial installation. However, over time, you will inevitably need to carry out maintenance, repairs and replacement as your system starts to age. This can either be done DIY or by a professional technician.

What channels are available on the VAST Satellite / Optus C1?

Almost all standard Australian Free to Air TV Channels are available over the Vast satellite system. Accurate at the time of writing this article, the available channels include: ABC, ABC 2, ABC 3, ABC News, SBS, SBS Viceland, SBS Food, NITV, SCTV 7, 7 Mate, 7 two, Imparja (Nine network), Gem, Go, One, Ten, Eleven, ICTV, Westlink, 3ABN, Win News, Southern cross news, seven local news, NBN News, prime seven local news and a whole bunch of other radio channels if that tickles your fancy.

What Brands of VAST Decoders / VAST set top boxes and equipment do you stock?

We stock the major Brands including: ALTECH UEC: DSD4121RV / DSD4121RVPVR (more info click here), DSR46391TB Dual Channel HD Recorder (more info click here), IDTV22inch VAST Certified 22” Integrated LED/LCD FHD TV (more info click here), IDTV32inch VAST Certified 32” Integrated LED/LCD HD TV (more info click here). SATKING: DVBS2-800CA VAST Satellite Receiver (more info click here) . Clearsat, Travelsat, Optima, Aerial industries and many more.

How do I register my VAST Decoder / Set top Box? Click here

Head straight to pick the button that suits you best ‘Satellite Decoder Online Registration’ for a permanent VAST Satellite installation at a residence. Pick ‘Travellers Registration’ if you are a caravaner or traveller that moves around the country. Pick ‘Travellers Registration Renewal’ if you are a caravaner or Traveller and you need to re-new your VAST Registration. If your VAST Satellite decoder has already been registered and it simply needs to be activated again after a period of inactivity choose ‘Decoder re-hit’, this option can be used for both Travellers, caravaners and permanent installations.

Do you sell Portable Satellite Dishes for caravans and travelling?

Yes, we are a fully-fledged dealer for many of the major brands and suppliers of Portable and travelling VAST Satellite TV Products. We take a highly technical and professional approach to the products that we hand select for our customers.


Laceys TV:

NAS Australia:

All related products are available for pickup from our Rockhampton showroom (stock supply dependent). We can even deliver the equipment direct to you and have a professional Technician instruct you on how to use it!

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Are your VAST Satellite TV Products 12 Volt Compatible?

Yes, most VAST product suppliers are well aware that 12V compatible products and decoders are a must, especially for the caravaners, travellers and grey nomads.

My VAST has stopped working. Do you fix existing VAST Satellite TV Systems?

Yes, we install, fix and maintain all types of VAST Satellite systems. We are fully qualified and professionally trained technicians with the goal of keeping your VAST System up and running to its full potential.

VAST! What is this VAST Business? I get Imparja… I thought it was called Imparja?

Imparja is the VAST delivery brand name for the Nine network. Imparja (the nine network) lives on the VAST satellite TV system where all other networks also deliver their TV Channels eg ABC, SBS, TEN and Seven.

What areas do you service?

We have a full mobile service available, so we service all over Central Queensland from our Rockhampton base, in the past we have even gone as far west as Longreach!

Specific areas of service include but are not limited to: Gracemere, Yeppoon, Cawarral, Byfield, The Caves, North Rockhampton, Bouldercombe, Mt Morgan, Dululu, Biloela, Banana, Moura, Theodore, Woorabinda, Rolleston, Springsure, Emerald, Clermont, Blackwater, Dingo, Duringa, Gogango, Westwood, Marlborough, Clarke Creek, Lotus Creek, Middlemount, Dysart, Moranbah, Nebo, Sarina, Mackay.

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