TV Antennas & Satellite TV

At Premier AV Installs we insist on using the best possible TV antenna products for the application required. Some of our favourite brands include, Fracarro, Alcad, GME Kingray, Aerial Industries and Healing. We also stock a range of connectors, boosters, mast head amplifiers, power supplies, splitters, coaxial cable and set top boxes. These products are available from our Showroom in Rockhampton or our mobile service.
Are you looking for a reputable Satellite TV installer in the Rockhampton region? Then look no further than Premier AV Installs! We have all the latest expertise and equipment to get you the best possible result with your Satellite TV reception. If you are in an area of Australia that has trouble receiving normal TV signal, the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) system is more than likely the only option. As the system is government funded, there are no ongoing fees associated with the system, just the cost of initial installation. We also stock a range of satellite dishes, LNB’s, mounting hardware, satellite meters and set top boxes that are available for purchase from our Showroom.
Our Portable Satellite TV Systems have been carefully packaged to ensure your time travelling is hassle free. We have sourced quality and proven products to include in our available satellite kits. We also stock a range of satellite equipment accessories such as; LNB’s, decoder’s, satellite meters, 12V leads, HDMI cables, caravan wall plates, connectors and RG6 quad shield cable lengths that are available for purchase from our Showroom.