Create the house you’ve always wanted – the home you’ve always dreamed of

Home Control Systems Automation Image 1Building a fully integrated Smart Home is easier than you may think. Technology for control systems that manage lighting, music and home security have come a long way even in the last ten years. Premier AV Installs has been helping Rockhampton locals create the houses they’ve always wanted and the homes they’ve always dreamed of for over eight years and now we’d like to do that for you.

Home Automation Systems
Control Lighting, Music & Security from anywhere

By integrating elements of your home like lighting, music, speakers, home theatre systems and home security into a home automation system, you can control all the different areas of your home with a simple control interface, touch pad or even an app. We consult on full integrated systems or simple sound or video installs. Talk to us today.

Smart Lighting
Save money & increase security 

We can integrate your current lights and bulbs into a Smart Lighting system with ease and little difficulty. No specific bulbs or light elements are needed to create smart lighting in your home, so if you’re looking for smart light installers, call us today.

Smart lighting isn’t just all about the bulbs. Smart lighting enables you to control the lights in your home from a central control system – with management of time they turn on and off, control individual lights and even coloured or dimmed lights for mood lighting.

Smart Wiring
Control every device in your home

More and more Australian homes are having networked devices integrated into their daily life. Smart TVs, electronic picture frames, computers, tablets, gaming consoles – you name it, more and more of our devices are being connected to the internet and need to be able to talk to each other. Smart wiring your home enables you to connect all your devices whether it’s your TV, your lights or your VOIP phone. These are all easily integrated utilising smart wiring.

Wi-Fi & Networking
Get connected – stay connected

Where would we be without the internet? Many households in Australia are now using the internet as their main source for entertainment. Watching YouTube videos, streaming high def movies or watching your favourite TV shows through streaming services like Netflix, Stan or Foxtel all require a stable, steady and reliable internet connection. We can make sure your home gets connected and stays connected.

Smart Security Systems
Secure, safe and protected

No one thinks their home is going to get broken into, until it does. If you’ve not had that gut wrenching experience of getting home and realising that someone has been into your personal belongings and been inside your home, then we hope you never have to because it’s just awful. Our smart security solutions give you the ability to secure your home with a range of different security items like cameras, sensors and movement sensors. Talk to us today about how we can secure your home to keep your family safe.

CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems
Know what’s going on at all times

If you’re concerned about vandalism, break-ins or just want to keep a record of vehicles and people in your home or business, we can supply and install CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems that will give you uninterrupted video of any areas you choose to point your cameras. This gives you the ability to play back and view any disturbances or interactions on your property for use at a later date if needed.

Smart Door Stations & Doorbells
See outside from inside

A great option If you want the ability to see who’s at your door from anywhere – the loungeroom, the backyard, even the office! Smart door stations enable you to see who is at your front door either from a control panel or app on your phone. Always be safe and secure and be able to see who’s at your door at any time of the day or night without having to open your door.

Video Distribution
Watch from any room in your home

Many homes now have multiple screens throughout and managing them from one central area makes sense. We all remember having multiple remotes lying around, trying to figure out which one controls what device. With video distribution all that disappears. You can have multiple devices and screens all controlled with one touch simplicity via devices like Apple TV and Chromecast.

Smart Multi-Zone Audio
Pure sound, pure indulgence, pure happiness

Imagine being able to play music all throughout your home. Feel like some Mozart when cooking, or perhaps Metallica whilst in the games room? Want to have different music in different rooms? No problem. Smart Multi-Zone Audio enables you to have portable speakers that can move around the home, outside or in pool areas and patios or we can install speakers into the ceiling and walls to make your home sound system fully integrated.

Smart Irrigation
Water is precious, don’t waste it

With water being such a precious commodity in our region it makes sense to conserve as much as we can. With smart irrigation systems we can set up automated watering schedules that can change and adjust automatically depending on weather conditions. If you love your garden, travel a lot or simply want to make sure it’s getting the perfect amount of water at the right times, an automated watering system (or smart irrigation as it’s called) might be the perfect solution for you.

Climate Control
Hot or cold, you decide

When it comes to being comfortable in your home, our climate control systems give you the ultimate control over your environment. Have a west-facing room that gets hot in the afternoons? No problem – with our systems you can choose which rooms to cool or heat at which times. Cool in summer or warm in winter, be comfortable in your home no matter what the weather is like outside.

Motorised Blinds
Convenient and energy efficient

By having motorised blinds installed in your home you can help save time and money when it comes to energy bills and home maintenance. By opening or closing your blinds at correct times you can cool or heat rooms using natural light or shade and avoid big power bills from running air conditioning or heating. Why use power when the sun can heat a room for free! Just because you’re out of the house doesn't mean you can’t get home to a warm or cool home with our motorised blind solutions.

Video Intercom
Remote viewing for added home protection

For many of our clients, security is a growing concern and keeping family members safe is a top priority. Video intercoms give you the ability to see who is at your door along with the ability to keep recordings for later use if needed.

Smart homes aren’t just science fiction, they’re science fact and you can enjoy the benefits of having a fully integrated and connected home. Talk to us today about our smart home installations and get the house you’ve always wanted and the home you’ve always dreamed of.