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Touchscreens and Interactive Displays

When you have a message or information you want to display, we can supply and install a wide range of touchscreen and interactive display options. Touch Screens enable users to have an interactive experience and a process of discovery that you just can’t get from traditional signage.

Easy to use

If a user can simply tap or swipe a screen to find out information in a museum, library, front desk or foyer, this is faster and more intuitive than having to sit and type at a computer. A well-built touch interface is faster and easier to use for the general public, thus eliminating errors and frustrations to the public.

Save Space

By having touchscreens available as an option for displaying or finding out information, this will save space on the traditional computer, monitor keyboard and mouse configuration.

More Secure

By installing touchscreens or interactive displays, not only is this more secure from a software stance (no USB or external ports) but there are many case and kiosk solutions that provide excellent theft security of the device itself.


If you have users with disabilities or other physical limitations, a touchscreen device is much easier to control and use.

Easy to clean and maintain

The buttons, wheels and other mechanical elements of a mouse and keyboard can be next to impossible to clean. Typically if a key on a keyboard stops working or a mouse wheel gets sticky, it’s easier to replace the device rather than clean or maintain it. That all disappears with touchscreens.

We specialise in installing touchscreens and interactive displays for government departments, libraries, defence and all other arms of Government whether it be local, state or Federal. 

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